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Our Programs

Program Outline

Aaj Jhumma Hai for our Christian Brothers & Sisters, our Sister Station Radio Naya Jeevan from Suva Fiji presents a one hour long Religious Segment.During Religious Festivals, we do air Special Programs as well

Badalte Sathi program is aired on every saturday at 9-12 PM By RJ AVINESH RAJ. It takes you back to memories lane WITH BEAUTIFUL OLDIES and NEW songs.

Barish-E-Ghazal aired 6-7 pm every sunday by RJ Avineesh Raj. It has blend of old and new ghazals with SHER-O-SHAYRIES.

Bhakti Ras is 2 hours of non-stop, commercial-free religious music, capturing hearts and the followers of Punjabi; Hindu, Christian and Muslim Religion.

Church Program aired on every Sunday at 9-10 AM by PASTOR SHAILENDRA SINGH.

Double Dhamaal targets listeners on the Road.Start off your day with the National Anthem of Fiji, Local News, Fiji News and Death Announcements. Program filled with information , Traffic, Weather, News,Thought for the Day

Fijian Spice aired on every friday at 5-7pm to have some spicy fijian things.

Fiji News and Death/Birthday Announcements Air Times Daily Local news by SHIVAM, monday to friday at 8 am and 4 pm. Weekend News is at 12 noon and 4 pm. Daily Fiji News by AVINESH RAJ, monday to friday at 8 am and 4 pm. Weekend News is at 12 noon and 4 pm. Death Announcements by SONIA monday to friday at 8 am and 4 pm. Weekend at 12 noon and 4 pm. Local death announcements are also inserted within these messages.

Geet Hamare Naam Tumhare is aired every wednesday by host Khushi. Audience listens fusion of old & new hit songs.

Kirtan Mala program is aired on every SUNDAY 10-11 AM by RJ AVINESH RAJ, old and new INDO-FIJIAN artists played in this program.

Masti Ki Pathshala is filled with WONDERFUL SONGS AND ENTERTAINMENT and aired from MUMBAI,INDIA~HOST SAMAY.

Meri Saheli focuses on homemakers, women at home. It features Health and Beauty Tips, Horoscopes,Short Stories, Religious Events, Requests and much more.

Mirchi Club aired on every sunday 5-8 PM based live calls, farmahis, live on Facebook, new and old songs and lots more.

RFM Sports World is aired every Sunday from 6pm to 7pm. This show has local and international sports news highlights and sports interviews.

Sada Bahar Nagme program is a very special, which is aired five days a week(mon-fri) from 2-4 PM

Saturday Night - With chutney Boyz program filled with yangona, beer, whiskey flavours and all kinds of Dhamaal. It is aired every saturday 4:30 to 7 pm pacific time by 3 very jovial HOSTS; Jitu Raj, Junior. This program carries spicey songs, lot of gossips, jokes, request and dedication songs and lots more, so stay tuned for this great comedy program.

Shaam Ka Safar-Evening Drive program caters to the teenagers and audience coming back home. The show features a lot of Hip Hop, remix tracks for the younger listeners along with Bollywood Gossips, accompanied by Public Service Announcements is also featured in this Program.

Tamboora Bhajan is aired on every SUNDAY 11-12 PM BY RJ AVINESH RAJ.

Qawwali is a form of Sufi devotional music aired on every friday 12-02pm for sufi lovers.

Yaadon ki Dhanak aired on every sunday at 8-10pm filled with lots of memories.

Zindgi Ka Safar aired on every sunday 7-8 PM based on seniors theit memories of home country,youth days , struggle,pain,laughters,single,married,family ,friends and lots more.